Bee Removals New Germany

Bee Removals New Germany part of Bee Removals Durban. Is a bee removal business based in the New Germany Area. Bee Removal New Germany are experts when it comes to Honey Bee Removals In New Germany. Because New Germany is one of many places that has bee infestations, Swarms of bees and Honeybees. Honeybee Bee Removals New Germany has become a recommended Bee Removal Service In New Germany. Contact us, if you have a bee problem in your home or office. Do not try and remove the bees yourself. It may prove deadly. Rather call the Bee Removal Specialists In New Germany. Bee Removals New Germany for help on 084-594-1122.

Bee Removals New Germany

Have A Bee Problem, Get Bee Removal Services In New Germany!

Here At Bee Removal New Germany. we offer a range of services which include the following. Bee Nest Removals In New Germany, Bee Removals In New Germany. And Bee Swarm Removals In New Germany. WE DO NOT USE INSECTICIDE. WE ARE ALSO NOT A BEE EXTERMINATOR.


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    Bee Removal New GermanyBee Removal New Germany

    As a Bee Remover in New Germany, we take great pride in the service that we offer our clients. We offer a unique service that helps and protects people and bees. We make sure to completely remove the bees from your premises.

    Bee Nest Removals New Germany

    Bee Nest Removals New GermanyBee Removal New Germany provides Bee Hive Removal Services In New Germany. If you’ve found a Honey Bee Nest in New Germany. And would like it removed? Give us a call, we offer safe and effective Honey Bee Nest Removals in New Germany. And we don’t kill any bees. We always ensure to remove any. And all bee nests carefully. Without ever destroying the nest. We do this so that we can safely move the bees to a new home. And we ensure that no bees return. Try to identify whether it’s honey bees or other bees. If possible, try not to have the bee nest removed. And if you must, Act fast by calling a professional Bee Nest Removal business, like. Bee Removals New Germany. Who won’t kill the bees or destroy the nest?

    Bee Swarm Removals New Germany

    Bee Swarm Removals New GermanyNew Germany Bee Removals offers Bee Swarm Removals in New Germany. Bee swarms are not looking to attack anyone or anything. But looking for a new place to make a home. A Honeybee swarm might end up resting in a certain place while scout bees go ahead to find a suitable place. And although the bees are not trying to sting you. They can become aggressive if they feel they are under threat. Within a couple of days, the bee swarm will move on. When you see a swarm of bees, keep your distance. If the honey bee swarm is in an inconvenient place and you cannot wait it out. Then give us a call, and ask for Bee Swarm Removals New Germany. Always Keep children and animals well away from the swarm.

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    How To Treat A Bee Sting Home Remedy

    Use toothpaste, people claim that alkaline toothpaste neutralizes the acidic bee venom. However, toothpaste won’t work on alkaline wasp venom. Simply dab a bit on the affected area.

    Emergency Bee Removals New Germany

    Emergency Bee Removals New GermanyWe also Offer An Emergency Bee Removals In New Germany which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We understand that when it comes to the safety of your children. Pets, employees or tenants, and the possibility of a life-threatening allergic reaction. That there is no time to waste. Call Bee Removals New Germany For 24 Hour Emergency Bee Removals In New Germany.

    Types Of Bees In South Africa

    There are two types of bees the African Honey Bee and the Cape Honey Bee.

    African Honey BeeAfrican Honey Bee

    The African honeybee is smaller than most other honey bees. With an average body length of 19mm. Its upper body has fine short hair. And it’s abdomen characterized by the yellow and black stripes.

    Cape Honey BeeCape Honey Bee

    While having the characteristic honeybee striped abdomen like the African Honey Bee. The Cape honeybee is darker in colour compared to other honeybees.

    Bee Removals New Germany takes great pride and care in the quality of work and service provided. Honey Bee Removals New Germany offers affordable. Fast and effective Bee Removal Services in New Germany. We’re proud members of the Southerns Beekeeping AssociationSouth African Bee Industry Organisation (SABIO). And the Bee Removal Association of South Africa (BRASA).

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    Bee Removals New Germany FAQ

    Do Swarming Honey Bees Sting?

    Honeybee swarms are not dangerous unless provoked. Swarming honey bees will feed prior to swarming. This reduces their ability to sting.

    When Do Bees Leave Their Hive?

    Bees will leave their hive when the queen bee leaves the colony which is a process known as swarming. At least 60% of the worker bees will leave with the old queen bee.

    What You Should Do If You Come Across A Swarm Of Bees

    If you come across a swarm of bees, don’t panic. A swarm of bees docile, this is due to the fact that they have no eggs, no hive and no honey to worry about. PLEASE DO NOT spray pesticides, give us a call and we will help the bees to make a new home.

    How Long Do Honey Bees Live For

    Honey Bees live between roughly 122 to 152 days which is less than half a year.

    How Do You Remove A Bee Sting?

    Using the edge of your fingernail, scrap over the black dot which is the sting. Doing this will pull the stinger out and prevent the venom sack from releasing.

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